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Choosing the Perfect Domain Name (for Tax & Accounting Professionals)

Video Transcript

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In this video, we’re going to talk about how to choose a domain name for your business. So first, let’s get a quick understanding of what a domain name is. You can think of your domain name as the online address for your business. So just like you have a physical address that your clients use to find your business offline,

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your domain name is an internet address that tells your clients where they can find your business online. As you can see, it’s very important to have a domain name that’s easy for your clients to remember and type in when attempting to visit your business online. And in this video, we’re going to give you five simple tips you can follow that will help you register the perfect domain name for your business.

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The company name we’re going to use for demonstration purposes in this video is our own business name GetNetSet. The first tip when choosing a domain name is to try to choose one that closely matches the name of your business. In the case of our company, the domain name would match the business perfectly.

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However, the reality is that there’s a finite number of domain names to choose from, and it will probably be difficult to find a domain that’s an exact match with your business name. Someone may have already registered the .com version of your preferred domain already, but there are lots of ways to get a domain name that will still work just as well

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for your business. And that leads us to the second tip. If the .com extension is already taken, try adding a related keyword to the end of your domain name. In the case of tax or accounting related businesses, here are just a few examples of keywords that we could add to the end of our business name. So we could add things like LLC, CPA, EA, Tax, 1040, etc. to the end of our business

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name in order to get a good domain name. Another way to add a keyword to the end of your domain name is to use the city or state where your business operates. For example, if our business were located in Miami, Florida, we might consider using either or The third tip is if you can’t find a good .com domain name,

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try using another popular extension. We recommend trying to find a .com domain because people generally assume that domains end in .com, and they naturally want to type it in when visiting a website. However, if you’re having difficulty finding an available .com domain, you might want to try an alternative domain extension such as .net, .tax, .CPA, or .accountant.

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The last three might cost a little more, but they have a professional feel and could allow you to find a domain name that more closely matches your brand. The fourth tip is to be careful with using hyphens, numbers and abbreviations. Unless the hyphen is already part of your branding, we generally don’t recommend using hyphens in your domain name because it can make it harder to communicate your domain name verbally or your clients might not always remember to type the hyphen in and they could be brought to a different website.

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However, you might consider adding a hyphen if you’re having difficulty finding an available domain. And here are just a few examples of how you could use a hyphen in your domain name. or or Numbers can also be confusing if they’re not part of your branding.

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If your business name is GetNetSetForYou, you might not want to go with GetNetSet, the number four and the letter U, .com for your domain name unless that’s how it’s displayed in your branding. The same can be said for abbreviations. It can be harder to communicate an abbreviation verbally and also difficult for your clients to remember.

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That said, plenty of firms do use abbreviations such as “Assoc” as an abbreviation for “associates,” “Svcs” to abbreviate “services,” or “Acct” in place of “accounting.” The fifth tip is to avoid using a domain name that is already being used by another established business, especially if it’s trademarked. For example, if our domain, were already taken by another tax or accounting firm,

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it would probably be best to avoid using, as that can cause confusion when clients are looking up your website or if the business name GetNetSet has been registered as a trademark, then you would definitely want to avoid going after the exact domain name as that could bring up legal issues in the future.

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And that concludes our list of five tips for finding the perfect domain name. Next, let’s talk about where to register a domain name. The truth is, you can register your domain at any reputable domain name registrar such as GoDaddy or Namecheap. But there is another registrar that we recommend because of the benefits it offers our clients. And that’s

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This is GetNetSet’s registrar, and it offers two distinct advantages over the others. First, it will save you time because we automatically connect your domain to the website that you have with us. It could also potentially save your money because we won’t upsell you services that you don’t really need. So if you would like to register your domain name with us, just go to to get started. That’s all for this video on how to choose a domain name.

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If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to reach out to us via email at or give us a call at 877-207-4646.