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Frequently Asked Questions


Guardian WebmasterTM



  • Do I get my own email address with my domain name?
  • What if I want a custom website design?
  • Do I need to purchase a website design?
    No. A professional design is included with your service subscription.
    What happens after the 30 days of no-cost service?
    We require that new clients submit their billing information and begin their no-cost 30 days upon signup. The no-cost 30 days serves as a grace period for new clients to have full access to our services from day one as we build your custom website, optimize your website for search engines, help you register or reconfigure your domain name etc. Since it takes us 2-3 business days to build the website, you will still have at least 27 days to have us do any work you need before you have to pay anything. This way everyone has some skin in the game. After the no-cost 30 days, service will continue at the monthly rate of your chosen service plan, or you can cancel any time before the end of the 30 days and owe nothing.
    What payment options and terms are available?
    Charges are on a recurring monthly schedule according to the service level you select ($29, $49 or $99/month). There are no hidden fees or contracts. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover® Network.
    What is a Guardian Webmaster?
    Think of your Guardian Webmaster like a personal guardian angel for your website. Your Guardian Webmaster is like a member of your staff and you are encouraged to email or call your Guardian Webmaster to manage all of your website tasks.
    I really like my point of contact, can they be my Guardian Webmaster?
    Certainly, in fact we prefer it. Who is more qualified to fulfill your unique needs than the person who introduced you to our services in the first place?
    What can my Guardian Webmaster do?
    Your Guardian Webmaster can do virtually everything related to managing your website. This includes but is not limited to: adding and editing content, adding and removing pages, optimizing and publishing images, Internet marketing advising, search engine optimization, text and page formatting, and much more. However, due to the labor intensive nature of website programming, your Guardian Webmaster cannot perform extreme website design changes that significantly alter the look of your website.
    How do I delegate to my Guardian Webmaster?
    It’s really up to you. We try to make it as convenient as possible. You can send a quick one line email, call on your way to lunch, or email a novel of tasks you thought up in the airport. You are welcome to be as brief or as thorough as you please.
    How long will it take my Guardian Webmaster to make the requested changes?
    It depends on the volume and complexity of your requested changes, but most changes are completed within a few hours. Only on rare occasions will changes take longer than 24 hours to complete.
    How long does it take to get my website?
    After you discuss your preferences with your Guardian Webmaster, it will take approximately 2-3 business days to setup your website. Your Guardian Webmaster will be available on an ongoing basis to alter your website as you see fit.
    Can I move my existing website to your services?
    Yes. Take advantage of our full service solutions without giving up your existing website design. Our experts will modify your website’s code to work with our system. This process takes 2-3 business days and is included in your monthly service plan.

    If you are only looking to transfer the text of your website and not the website’s design, there is no charge.

    Can I make website changes myself?
    Yes. If you wish, you can easily manage the majority of your website’s content from any easy to use text editor, similar to using a word processor like Microsoft Word. Your Guardian Webmaster is required for most advanced alterations. Click here to view the guides we offer clients who prefer to make changes themselves.
    Do I get my own email address with my domain name?
    Yes. You can have up to 10 email addresses at your website address (ex:
    What if I want a custom website design?
    We custom design all of our client websites at no additional cost. We alter formats, colors, logos, images, slogans, and more to suit your desired look and business message. Please contact us to learn more about our custom website design services.