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What is an SSL Certificate? (for Tax & Accounting Professionals)

Video Transcript

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In this video, we’re going to talk about what an SSL certificate is. We’re also going to cover why you really need one for your website and how we can help you add one if you don’t have one already. First, let’s define exactly what an SSL certificate is. When a visitor comes to your website, there’s a lot of data that is exchanged between their browser and the server where your website lives.

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An SSL certificate is a security feature that encrypts all of the data, ensuring that it can’t be modified or stolen. Just to be clear, though, the websites that we provide are always protected from hackers and spammers due to the security measures that we implement. And an SSL certificate is only needed to protect the data that is sent to and from your website

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over a network. For example, if a client were filling out a form on your website while using airport Wi-Fi, their information could not be intercepted if your website had an SSL certificate. Next, let’s talk about why you need an SSL certificate. As a business owner, it’s very important that you protect your customer’s privacy and keep their personal information secure.

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If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your website, all modern Internet browsers will notify the user if they encounter a website that does not have one in place. If the visitor is coming to your website from a search engine, your browser will show a full page warning, such as the following, stating that your website is unsafe and the visitors should go back.

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If the visitor comes to your website from a different source, they may not see the full page warning, but they will see the words “not secure” to the left of your domain name in red letters. As you can see from this scenario, having an SSL certificate on your website will make you look more professional and create a sense of trust with your clients.

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One last benefit of having an SSL certificate is that it will give your website an advantage in the search engine rankings over websites that don’t have one since Google always gives preference to secure websites. And finally, let’s talk about how to get an SSL certificate for your website. GetNetSet can only issue SSL certificates for the websites that we provide.

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If you don’t already have a website with us, you can contact us and we can help you get started right away. You can reach us at 877-207-4646. If you need to add an SSL certificate to your website that you have with us already, you can contact us at the same phone number or you can reach us via email at [email][/email].