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Portal: Creating a Folder and Sending Client Login

Log in to your Secure Client Portal or select the ‘Client Portal’ tab on your website. If you do not already have a portal account, please email us at to request one. If you’ve forgotten your password, you may click here to reset it. Helpful videos and a printable version of this guide are also available.

1. Dashboard Overview: When you first log in to the Dashboard, click on Folders to the left to show three folders: Shared Folders, Quick Share, and Personal folders. Click on Shared Folders to go inside that folder. The Create Folder and Upload Files buttons are located within the Floating Green + Action Button, the green icon at the top right of your folder. Access the Floating Action Button when you need to create a folder or add something to your folder, such as a file, subfolder, or note.

2. Add clients to folder: This action will give people access to all of the files within the folder. You can add people to an existing folder by opening the folder you want to add them.  Under the folder name you will see a tab called ‘people on this folder’. By clicking the tab you will be able to view all the people who have access to this folder and also their permissions.

To add more people click on the Green button called ‘Add people to folder’ on the right hand side. You may also adjust any of the permissions to the right. You can then add people from your address book or set up a new user to the folder. Make sure ‘Notify Added Users’ is checked for them to get the notification email.

3. Client Email: When you set up a folder for a client using their email address they will receive a message like the one below.

The portal notification email that your clients receive contains an activation link. They must create their password to have access to the folder. The system will then confirm that they have been added.

4. Deleting a User: You may optionally also delete access to the folder. You can delete people from a folder by opening the folder and choosing the ‘people on this folder’ tab. You can then select the box next to the name of the person you want to remove. Then choose ‘Remove selected’ and confirm that choice.